Streamline Your Operations for 2023 with a Wholesale Restaurant Food Distributor

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The critical function of wholesale restaurant food distributors is to supply food service operators (restaurants, food businesses, small-scale food suppliers, caterers, etc.) with food products and ingredients. These services are not limited to food products; they also supply everything related to the food industry (utensils, tools, crockery, serving supplies, cooking and preparation materials, food packaging materials, food storage containers, etc.). 

Wholesale restaurant food distributors form an essential component of the supply chain. They act as intermediaries between producers and restaurants. These distributors pick up food products from farms or processing plants, store them in warehouses, and then transport them to food service operators. 

Wholesale food distributors are vital to any restaurant’s success, as they ensure that whatever food items or ingredients are required are readily available. This article will discuss how Carolina Food Service can help restaurants streamline their operations. 

How Do Wholesale Restaurant Food Distributors Operate?

There are generally four (4) stages of a restaurant food supply chain:

  • Production,

  • Processing,

  • Distribution, and 

  • Retail

Food production starts at farms. But most of these food products must be processed before they can be consumed. 

Therefore, they move to the next stage, which is processing. Meat, for example, goes to a meat processor, where it is chopped into small bits. It can also undergo further processing, like smoking, drying, or curing. 

Some restaurants may choose to purchase their products directly from local farms. However, most restaurants rely on wholesale food distributors like Carolina Food Service for their needs. These distributors buy food products and other related items in bulk from manufacturers and store them in warehouses. Then, they begin to supply restaurants based on their orders. 

The primary purpose of wholesale restaurant food distributors is to enable restaurants to buy products at lower prices to increase their profit margins. 

Types of Wholesome Food Distributors 

There are several types of distributors when it comes to food service. We explain some of them below. 


These kinds of distributors do not sell directly to food service vendors. Instead, they operate by buying a large number of food products directly from farms and large-scale manufacturers. Then, they distribute smaller amounts of purchased goods to small-scale food service businesses that cannot afford their own warehouses and storage space to store food products. Redistributors provide less than truckload (LTL) quantities to these smaller distributors.

Specialty Distributors 

Specialty distributors focus on the distribution of niche products. For example, a seafood supplier will have the supply chain, food safety knowledge, and system to deliver fresh seafood to seafood restaurants. While these niches might be small, some businesses need this kind of niche distributor.

Cash and Carry Distributors

Cash-and-carry distributors may be considered wholesalers rather than distributors. These types of food distribution services operate large warehouses where food services can go to pick out their desired food products for purchase. Caterers, nonprofits, and restaurants largely use cash-and-carry distributors.

Broadline Distributors

These are the most common food service distributors. They purchase and distribute larger volumes of a wide range of products and are often used by grocery stores and other larger retail food service chains and businesses. Broadline distributors handle large quantities of products. So, they can offer better discounts and pricing options for those who buy in increased volumes.

How Carolina Food Service Can Help Streamline Your Restaurant Services

Employing the services of a wholesale food supplier offers many benefits to your restaurant. Below are some of the ways foodservice distributors can improve your service.

Immediate Availability

Wholesale food service distributors are a one-stop destination for a wide range of food products and other related items. Every single product you need can be made available to you by an excellent supplier like Carolina Food Service. 

This way, your kitchen staff do not need to leave the restaurant to seek whatever food products you need. So they can focus on delivering delicious meals to your customers. Also, if you suddenly get more customers, you can re-order immediately from your supplier and get the food products or ingredients you need.

Quick Delivery

Apart from catering to your supply needs, Carolina Food Service will accommodate your delivery pick-up and schedule. We know how much on-time delivery matters to restaurants. They do not just need to meet their customers’ needs but also supply fresh meals.

Therefore, we will go through your delivery calendar and work with you to provide the products when you need them.

Best Market Price

This is a critical aspect for restaurant owners. At Carolina Food Service, we strive to provide our customers with the best prices so they can improve their profit margins. We buy directly from farms and manufacturers.

Consequently, we avoid middlemen and intermediaries that add additional costs to the food supply chain. Carolina Food Service also provides discounts and offers to their regular customers who order in bulk quantities.

Save Space

While the primary function of wholesale restaurant food distributors is to transport products from manufacturers to food service operators, they can also perform storage functions. Some restaurants do not have the space or facilities to store certain food products.

A good supplier like Carolina Food Service has these facilities in place and can deliver them to your restaurant promptly.

Online Orders

Technology has played an important role in almost every industry, and wholesale food suppliers are not left out. However, many food service distributors do not offer this service yet because the concept is relatively new in this field.

Carolina Food Service, however, has an online system in place where our clients can order whatever food-related products they want. This means restaurant owners and managers can order from anywhere without physically appearing at our office.

Menu Inspiration

At Carolina Food Service, we supply a wide range of food products. Seeing a particular item on our supply list can inspire a new appetizer or dessert for your restaurant.

Let Carolina Foods Handle Your 2023 Restaurant Operations

2023 is fast approaching, and the food service industry has become more competitive than ever. To stay ahead of the competition and also satisfy your customers, you need to optimize certain aspects of your business. This article explained how working with a wholesale food supplier can help streamline your restaurant business.

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager searching for the best food distribution services in Myrtle Beach, contact us at Carolina Food Service. Our team is always available to deliver you top-notch services!

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