Spring Cleaning: Restaurant Supply Checklist

Two restaurant workers smile as they complete their restaurant cleaning checklist

Spring is just around the corner! With business a little slow and employees potentially wondering how they’ll keep their hours, now is a great time to take care of the deep cleaning that can often get pushed to the backburner during the busier parts of the year. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a handy checklist of suggested cleaning areas, and the products you’ll need to clean them. 

What to Clean

In addition to your existing cleaning routine, here are the areas that we suggest paying special attention to:

Front of House  

  • Clean and disinfect everything on tables (condiment bottles, shakers, dispensers)

  • Clean under the table (no stuck chewing gum, sticky table legs, etc.) 

  • Clean and disinfect chairs (especially where people touch them to pull them out/push them in)

  • Clean and disinfect high chairs & booster seats 

  • Clean and disinfect menus

  • Disinfect and wipe down door handles

  • Dust and wipe down cash register or POS system

  • Dust and wipe down window sills (inside and outside)

  • Dust and wipe down baseboards

  • Dust and wipe down any decor/pictures

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Dust lighting fixtures

  • Clean vents

  • Vacuum and wash floor mats & mop underneath floor mats

  • Make sure parking lot and sidewalk are free of trash/debris

Back of House 

  • Clear soda fountain nozzles of any gunk

  • Clean and disinfect ice bin & scoop

  • Clean and wipe down connectors, hoses, and outside of ice machine

  • Organize walk-in freezers/coolers & clean floors (make sure they’re free of any debris)

  • Clean carts used for moving/holding food

  • Unclog sink drains

  • Clean fan guards

  • Clean vents & hoods

  • Clean oven

  • Degrease around grill

  • Clean range hood filters (here’s how!)

  • Wipe down and organize small storage areas (shelves, drawers, hook racks, etc.)

When doing your back-of-house cleaning, don’t forget about the office area, too! Dust & disinfect your computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse, your phone, and desktop. The slow season is also the perfect time to organize any paperwork or general clutter that’s been encroaching on your office space. 

What You’ll Need

Wanting to tackle our front & back of house cleaning checklists but running low on your restaurant supply of cleaning products? We’ve got you covered! Here’s what you can get from us: 

  • Bleach

  • Grill cleaning brick

  • Degreaser cleaner

  • Disinfectant spray cleaner

  • All purpose floor cleaner

  • Glass window cleaner

  • Oven and grill cleaner

  • Stainless steel cleaner

  • Dish detergent

  • Pot & pan detergent

  • Scouring pads

  • Stainless steel pad 

  • Clorox soap pads

  • Clorox disinfecting wipes

We have all of these items in stock and ready to be delivered so you can get a head start on all your heavy duty cleaning. Getting a jump on your spring cleaning will allow you to face the upcoming busy season with a squeaky clean establishment and a clear state of mind.  


Another great way to feel prepared for the busy season is to check out our Restaurant Operations Management Guide. In our guide, we give you the tips and tricks to help you manage your restaurant with the utmost confidence and competence. And of course, no matter the season, you can always count on us for all your food distribution needs, too!


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